Women Empowerment

This project was created to unite and coordinate women who are involved in various informal professions and help them to avail services offered by the government for manual labourers. Functions of this Sangam include strengthening the relationship between the employer and employee, create employment opportunities for members, solve problems between the employer and employee and ensure their welfare (Recognition for their work, protection of their rights)

Target of the Program:
Unorganised sector women employees

Community Empowerment

While the Domestic Workers Sangam catered to the needs of Domestic Workers, the need for addressing the issue of other categories of unorganized women labourers emerged. Hence it was decided to initiate Tamilnadu Women Manual Labourers Union. The first meeting to this effect was held on 12th June’06 and after a series of discussion and deliberations TamilNadu Women Manual Labourers Union was registered with the government on 1st Nov.’06.


  • Unorganised women workers have been registered with the welfare board

  • The registered members get benefits from the Board

  • Announced minimum wages for workers