Disability Rights

This project was started with the aim of recognizing people with disabilities as a part of community—the process included forming a federation, promoting awareness of government schemes and promoting participation at the community level. This project has different objectives:

  • To encourage disabled persons to avail the benefits of different schemes of the government and to empower individuals

  • To improve their economic conditions by starting small businesses

  • To sensitize the community to accept and recognise the rights of disabled.

Arunodhaya builds up contact with network that fight for the rights of the disabled. Forms a network with other NGOs specialized in fighting for the rights of handicap people.

Community Empowerment

This project was started in 2006. Workshop was organized on 1st September 2006 in collaboration with Cheshire home to build self confidence among the community and create an awareness of available schemes. Initially it was meant to help people who were affected mentally or physically after the tsunami and to arrange for counselling programs for those affected.

Target Group:
Adult and Children with disability identified in Arunodhaya’s Invention areas.


  • The disabled persons are more independent due to their improved economic conditions

  • They receive necessary equipment to lead a better life with their impairment (for example wheel-chair)

  • Self employment has been created

  • They are aware of the benefits that could be availed from the government

  • They have had identity cards which can be used for various benefits

  • Community accepts and recognise the rights of the disabled