Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Care Centres are organized in areas where there is no access to ICDS centres. Special attentions are being paid to tribal areas. The objectives are to create a secure place for the children of those parents who go to work and regular school going children

One teacher and one helper have been appointed in each centre. The children are given opportunity to develop their skills in observation, motor development and provided space to play. Children are trained in good health habits to maintain personal and environmental hygiene. Regular health check ups are organized in collaboration with the Primary health centre. Immunisation of all children had been carried out. At the age of 5, children are enrolled in school thus preventing non enrolment and child labour. ECCs centres function from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nutritious food is provided with milk in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and snacks in the evenings. Uniforms are provided

Parents meetings are conducted every month and they are guided on issues related to health and hygiene, child care, immunization, communicable diseases and their prevention, nutritious food. Through the ECCs pregnant mothers are referred for pre-natal care and immunization.

Child Development

Since parents go for work, there is a need for ECC. In T.Nagar area it was set up in 1994.

Target of the Program:
The program is for children between 3 to 5 years old.


  • Only due to their early influence in education children go to school

  • Children are provided safety and nutritious food

  • Their health had been taken care of through medical camps organized once in 3 months