About Arunodhaya


Arunodhaya is a non government, non-profit voluntary organization registered as a public charitable trust in the year 1992


Has a vision to build a social movement that will uproot all forms of exploitation and oppression of children and promote and protect the basic human rights of children enabling them to enjoy a dignified childhood.


Arunodhaya believes that all children are born with an inherent right to justice, peace and freedom and deserve access to all fundamental human rights including education, health care, love, respect, security and protection. Today’s children are future citizens. A nation’s development depends on the development of its children. Hence protection and promotion of the rights of the children should become an inherent component of all development activities.

  • Elimination of child labour in all forms
  • Promotion and Protection of child rights
  • Strengthening and supporting the families of child workers to ensure a quality of life and environment conducive to proper childhood development
  • Protection and assistance for child workers and street children who have been victims of abuse and exploitation
  • Research and documentation of information on child workers and street children
  • Strengthen existing services and provide additional support system for the families of child workers that will help ensure quality life and an environment conducive to the proper development of children
  • Network with local national and international groups that campaign against all forms of exploitation and oppression of children
Last modified: August 28, 2020

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