Vocational Training


The objective of the project is to provide opportunities for improving the skills of women, youth and children so that they can find better opportunities for employment and improving their economic situation.

Vocational trainings such as tailoring and computer courses are conducted by Arunodhaya. Members are also referred to other organisations for skill training.


The first tailoring training was started in Kodambakkam in 1995.

The project ‘Skill development for Sustainable Livelihood’ was started in March 2015 supported by CCT-DP World. The project offers training in Computers, Tally, garment and fashion designing , car driving and two/four wheeler mechanism.   Placement provided after the training

Target groups:
Youth, SHG members.


SHG members and youth have gained skills that provide employment opportunities
SHG women have started enterprises on their own after the training
Women and youth who did computer courses have found jobs
Students are benefiting from this course during the summer holiday because it aids them during higher studies
Thanks to this project there are women who go out of their home for the first time and to have professional and social activities
Handicrafts items were kept in many exhibition programmes both organised by Arunodhaya and other organizations. It gives them economic support
The tailoring centre has become well know in the surrounding and the importance of women having to work and be independent is accepted and encouraged by the people in the area. This eventually helps the women to earn money and hence to be able to send the children to school instead of sending them for work.

Last modified: September 12, 2020

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