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  • UI Items such as buttons , notifications , dividers and many more.
  • Widgets such as tabs, accordion , pricing tables and many more.
  • Graphs and Charts such as Pie , Bar and line.
  • Social elements such has twitter tweets , icons and team widget.
  • WordPress widgets such as posts slider, lists and grids.

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No Need to remember any shortcode.

more info here @.99/Page from GoAssignmentHelp. 2000+ Native Pdh Experts available. 100% Money Back Guarantee. 20% OFF on all assignments. With Archon, all your shortcodes are at one place and you don’t need to remember any shortcode or options. Even the documentation is one click away.

Archon provides an Interface to add any input with allowable options, giving you complete control of the shortcodes. Not only that all shortcode are logical divided in sections with can be accessed with ease.



Visual Column Builder.

With Archon, you have a column builder with it can you create columns on the fly. Not only that , it supports nested columns, so virtually any column layout is possible. With this a column shortcode is provided which can be used to insert columns in existing contnet.



Documentation Free Shortcodes.

You never have to worry about how shortcodes work , Archon provides extremely easy to use interface which gives you complete control. It will give you all the options the shortcode can provide.



Complexity Made Simplicity.

Add widgets in a breeze, Archon provides extremely easy way to add complex widgets. You can easily add multiple sections of a widget , sort theme and delete them. No need to cut / copy the code.



Amazing Charts & Progress Elements.

Limitless provides all major graph and chart types to suit your needs. Not only that progress elements such as progress bars , stacked circles and counters are provided. You can literally show any type of data set. No need to worry about adding new plugin or code.



Posts Evolution.

Archon provides you seamless integration with Query Engine, you can show any type of posts/portfolio and sort them in any order. You can show post lists ,post grids and sliders. No need to know about filter options. Query Engine’s interface will do it for you.


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