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  • 03 Apr
    03 Apr

      Arunodhaya Newsletter 2017 June – Aug Arunodhaya news letter Sep – Oct – final Newsletter Nov – Dec Arunodhaya Newsletter – Jan – Feb 2018

  • 21 Apr
    21 Apr

    Early Childhood Care Centres offer a secure place for the children of those parents who go to work and regular school going children.

  • 20 Apr
    20 Apr

    Child Labourers Centres prepare child labourers/drop-outs for entry into formal school. These children are taken out of the labour force to attend

  • 19 Apr
    19 Apr

    Objective: Guided Learning Centres have been organized as a mechanism for keeping children in school, assisting in their studies, improving their level of education and motivating them to continue their studies. GLCs also provide opportunities for identifying drop-outs and have the ability to initiate action immediately to get them back to school. With the help of one or two teachers depending on the strength of the centre the children are assisted to learn, their questions are answered and tests are conducted to monitor their progress in studies. Parents meetings are conducted once a month to gain the participation of the parents in the education of the children. This program is to follow up the children who are mainstreamed from the CLC and to ensure that they continue their education. Classes are conducted from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Evolution of the project: Guided Learning Centres were started in 1995 in Korukkupet, Kodambakkam and T. Nagar and extended to other zones. Target group: All the children of the area who go to formal school Impacts: The progress of children is school is monitored Children motivated to attend school regularly thereby prevent drop out There is a marked improvement in the academic performance of the children Children join Arunodhaya children Sangam Going to the GLC in the evening in groups create an impact in the area and motivates those who have not taken part More and more girls benefit from the program The parents continue the education of the children to graduation Their overall motivation to study has largely increased

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