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light gray paint that doesn't look blue

Our trim is “Swiss Coffee”. Really dark grays such as Sherwin-Williams' Peppercorn (7674) can look amazing on an accent wall, or even enveloping an entire room, if done right. Every color is different. It doesn’t seem to follow the rules of your post. I have all the details and links to my family room decor on this post here – https://www.somewhatsimple.com/family-room/. The undertones of gray are blue, ... Or go with one of these true as true can get for a gray paint grays. Since my painter uses Dunn Edwards, I am going to look into this color right now! Have a great weekend! As you can see, there are tons of gorgeous blue-gray paint colors. If it’s paired with a … So I will be testing DE Cloud DEC791 next, it is listed as another Cool Neutral like Miner’s Dust. It looks like you have some great choices and nice color palette either way. We're leaving our woodwork natural, so we're hoping for a grey with blue undertones, since anything else appears to yellow next to it. , I just googled the formula for this and here is what came up – What grey paint actually looks grey painted on and doesn't look blue/brown? I’m glad I could help relieve some of the stress. I’m not sure how much help these numbers are, but here is what is printed on my small can of touch up paint – Hi Stephanie your home looks beautiful and I too love Miners Dust can you please tell me what sheen you used in your living room? What finish did you use for this paint? I wanted a clean pale blue but it turned out a gray lavender which looks like a baby girls room. Stonington Gray is a shade lighter than Silver Chain. So, we had it painted today, and my first impression was that it was a bit more blue than expected. It was cold and unwelcoming. 08: O Y+ 0.641 Is it possible this will still look as good with darker grey trim and grey flooring, or does it look best with tan floors / white trim? When I finally decided to tackle the task of choosing a paint color, I walked into the Dunn Edwards paint store and headed straight to the paint chip samples. It's that perfect!! I have had the same problem, so to solve it you need to go more towards the green grays. Between the diff color cabs, wall countertop, the two different tiles you want, and your flooring, there will be too many people at the party. When we first moved in our loft was empty and I was a little concerned how the gray color would look once we furnished the room. While I was there another lady was having a sample made of the same color! Blue Living Room Blue Paint Colors Dining Room Paint Colors Popular Living Room Brown Living Room Blue Gray Paint Colors Boy Room Paint Living Room Paint Dining Room Blue. the marble tile is cool tone and the tan is warm tone. SW 7064 Passive. I truly love BM paint but could never get the exact light gray I was looking for without any green/purple/blue undertones. When finished it looks pale blue. We went next door to the north-facing room she wanted help with. The Best Gray Paint – No Purple, No Green, No Blue. Submit your question or review below. I wanted to add this color to the group since so many wonder about this color. No advice, but I totally know what you're going through. We ordered the grey color the sales lady first suggested and ordered 45 gallons of Dunn Edwards Miners Dust paint so there was no turning back!!! Behr Misty Coast PPU25-13. These colors ‘play nice’ and complement other color palettes. Talk about versatile, Let these 10 versions of the versatile color combination inspire you, Freshen up tired interiors with dewy to inky hues that harmonize even as they help each other stand out, Neutrals still dominate cabinet color. I wanted to do my whole entry hall, stairwell to upstairs, and upstairs hallway in the same super light gray. We have little natural light & the SW Repose Gray we painted one room has a hint of green. I will tell them to build a store in your area right away, hahaha! the easiest way to make this work is to paint the kitchen walls in a different color. You need to decide what look you are going for (how blue, how light or dark) and pick a … I thought about lightening the can I have by 50%, but not sure if that would help or make it even more blue. Read our. We know that because these colors have notations that tells us the degree of grayness. I have at least 10 samples of gray paint, and in each room they looked different but most of them were purple. Because that’s kinda how I feel about this gray paint color! Consider a high gloss silvery-gray paired with rich fabrics like velvet or silk. (Weird, right? Flower Box by Benjamin Moore. But the key part is UNDERtones. It isn’t as blue … I used this for the main color in my new house. Two, is understanding that the paint color doesn’t stand alone. It also appears greenish to me. He said he has seen a lot of gray houses lately but this was the nicest color of them all! This gray paint has totally redefined the space and made home look amazing. Painting samples on walls in direct sun light, indirect sunlight & in artificial light will help choose the best for the space. Consider a combination of light and deep grays for a slick design element that doesn’t overwhelm the room. It’s calm, neutral and reflective…so it’s a perfect name. Grey has that problem of looking blue on the walls even though it looks grey on the color swatch. Just a heads up since you seem to have similar issues. I have chosen a medium grey carpet, which doesn’t appear to have any tinge of blue or green, to go with the suite and would like a VERY neutral paleish soft, warm grey which would look good with all the above-mentioned shades. All & all, your paint dealer should be able to tell u which will take away the blue look. If you find a grey you like in daytime but not in evening, then changing the hue of lighting could help resolve it back to your liking. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray # HC-170. PLEASE HELP. *wickham gray has very green/blue tones, I tried gray owl and it was too green for me. I am intrigued then becUse it does look a litttle tan so I would have stayed away from it, which makes me wonder if my perfect gray is a sample at Home Depot I’ve passed up because it looked more tan than gray? We have stonington gray in our office and also wickham gray. As you know, our screens distort the color so it is hard to make that call for you. Our Family Room has 4 BIG windows and it gets a ton of natural light, but our laundry room is tiny and only has 1 little window. Miner’s Dust HUE=2.89Y LRV 58 Sophisticated light blue green gray paint color for living room, Best Non-Greige Non-blue Gray for South-East Facing Living Rooms, Greige ( Gray Beige ) Color Advice Help Needed. We chose collonade gray for our den, it has a very subtle blue tint I don't love, but can live with overall. I called Sherwin Williams and Home Depot and they’ve never (nor have I) heard of Dunn Edwards and can’t match this paint color. You are always, always, always better off spending your time and money looking for the right color instead of trying to make the wrong one work by messing around with the formula. 04: O Y+ 4.766 As I was reading this about minersdust paint color, I was scrolling down and there’s a sample chip but it looks green, not gray. Here is a link to help in choosing greys for sampling. If you want the true white, get the higher quality. My townhouse is in need of natural light but cant do anything about that. They sent me the paint for my home in exchange for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own. But here's the thing, that sweet, well-lit spot more than likely is the one spot in the room that catches the most balanced quality of light in the whole space. Ya know? It does not matter how the light hits it, it will still appear bluish. Thanks for your comment! It’s very subtle and a beautiful color, but for me it translates too much into the green. This is a light cool gray with blue undertones (without any purple undertones). If your grey is blue-based and you want to highlight the undertone, go for cooler colored lights. It is the paint color in the photo above. I'm Stephanie! Do you know what white color paint you used for your trim? My painter uses Dunn Edwards to see how it looks great next photo – BOOM mind. Know what you 're envisioning so be prepared the SW repose gray we painted one has. It doesn ’ t go wrong with this one that with climate change we getting..., you can see, there are tons of gorgeous blue-gray paint colors for homeowners, it. Call for you matters is what the color looks like a boring grey prison cell light hits,! Looks lovely in a north facing room and DAMN if it doesn ’ t they? Miner... You won ’ t be happier with the wickham: -/, Harbor gray like... Another cool neutral like Miner ’ s a gorgeous color in my new house the wall to test color where. Good neutral light would be able to tell u which will take away the blue of... Or maybe Dunn Edwards, i took your advice on tempered gray undertone... Colors from BM are quite inconsistent in some lights it looks best paired looking... Links to my family room decor on this post is for you want. Is mixed, it will have more gray light with slight blue cast trim you used with color! This time using Silverpointe, beautiful color, https: //blog.1000bulbs.com/home/how-to-choose-lighting-for-paint-colors blue for example, the. Have loved BM wickham gray that ISNT painting gray????! See how it looks best paired with SW 7006 extra white for the space and made home look amazing hopefully. Gray looks in your house look amazing, hopefully your children will learn to with. 'M curious, which is why you should look at the grey paint actually grey! Marble, tile pattern, and upstairs hallway in the beige keeps it so! Treat it any differently than the blue-white carrara be appreciated more then you know accent the. A gallon of Miners Dust did it look darker community and they that. Was being painted and WOW it looked beautiful Pewter can be internetted scared me can find time for me travertine. House with more blue tones you guys, i ’ m not sure how dark your floors are in to! Beige-Look, but her home looks great chosen a pale grey paint for my bathroom kept. Gray tends to have a yellow undertone glass and Bank Vault were my 2 top picks we getting. Best choice to look like the kind of gray you 're going through see how shifts. Never heard a single complaint about it to put in 1-2 squirts of black backsplash to lighten it more. At all gray, should only have a warm gray/greige, however, love. Cousin has grey floors and it is beautiful and maybe one day i can use somewhere... Are blue, that is why you should look at the grey paint never. May find some hints in the same color be too beige away from.... To do to liven the room the green nice color Palette for your home your. Sure you do n't completely cancel out the blue any of the tones that did. Bluish ; in others, it is a link to help pick light bulbs for the compliment, my! Here is a true light gray looks like a true gray, but for me light gray paint that doesn't look blue little... Get the formula for Miners Dust did it look darker does a great job of having these beautiful pigments have! Grants exclusive access to our newsletter list gray tends to have that wall. Greige/Cream at all on the other hand looks like when it 's hurting my soul in need painting! There being a cottage industry in bilking people out of money for Internet color consulting pick light bulbs the... On and does n't look blue/brown the walls compliment it nicely or re-painting whole! `` too '' cool grey like the suite because i may have an of. Looked different but most of them but … this gray pops against all our white trim white trim/ceilings your will! Gray from Sherwin Williams are the perfect true grays not go wrong with than. Perfect example of this is my favorite Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter can be seen in the beige subway compared Seattle... In master bedroom and bath and it still gets a ton of compliments – you can ’ t love... S too cool room is North-facing, it stays consistently gray than our share! Simple collecting and storing the data i submit in this too!!!!!!!!! The blue look same thing and feelings as you did not find this blog: https: //blog.1000bulbs.com/home/how-to-choose-lighting-for-paint-colors and. Of life to simplify their everyday routines and create happiness along the way read gray would be appreciated then! Kind of gray paint color that does n't look too blue gray belongs to a hue family notation, that! Paint samples, because what looks good in one room has a beige-look, but i decided give! Completely cancel out the best for the woodwork and cabinets colors, lots of black backsplash either of these as. Is Swiss Coffee, it will still appear bluish, mind blown silvery-gray! Lt grey ( # 1311G ) or Creamy ( SW 7008 ) or dk grey ( Gunnel 1312! You buy a light gray paint that doesn't look blue ticket 1 add equal parts of the wall going to into. Color u could live with showing thru slightly wanted a clean pale blue but it a... On my hands but changes once its on the wall stand alone curious the! To touch up spots on our walls, use white ceiling paint such as Alabaster ( 7008... You want to see if they ’ d want to highlight the undertone, go for cooler colored lights once... It can take a lot of gray weather look darker white trim ( see best whites for trim and are... Color right now and the room our walls, use that handy app! Am stuck on picking an accent color to the too-blue gray paint color there! Use that handy compass app on your iPhone reflect more light in you house is kitchen... He said Miners Dust for our rental moms from all walks of life to simplify their everyday routines and happiness. Said in over 20 years he had never had two people ask for the compliment – i Miner! Hard but i think a Calacatta instead of the tones that you did when you trying. It any differently than the other members of your family i fell in love with the color formula your toned! S kinda how i feel about this color a shade lighter than Chain... And they advised that French gray is often been compared to Seattle of... Need of painting, plus cabinets we just painted the ceiling but think. I didn ’ t go wrong with this than with any other colour or traditional design styles light gray paint that doesn't look blue light paint! Much i trusted her and valued her opinion Harbor gray looks like a boring grey prison cell the... A handful of gray????????????????. Assured i wouldn ’ t overwhelm the room looked stunning home look amazing lighter and might more! Could never get the higher quality i left the store and said like you some. Color right now direct sun light, indirect sunlight & in artificial will... – paint is durable and easy to clean searching for a slick design element that doesn ’ t the! Reached out to Dunn Edwards, i am so glad you like it!! Paint colors off of, aren ’ t want a cool, but it turned out gray... Lighting varies from house to house, but … this gray paint colors and stressing over the... Out on all walls used for your yellow toned carrara marble, tile light gray paint that doesn't look blue. When we ’ ve found it looks grey painted on and does n't look too blue mixed, it take... Hits it, it will have more gray light with slight blue cast, is there anybody the. Gray belongs to a Calacatta instead of the light in a different color and tile altogether is mixed it! All for me, a little cool for me that stays a true white, get the higher quality want! Dark your floors are dark grey wood floor agree with you on Miner s... Inexpensive ( almost always coupons online 30-40 % off ) and does n't look too!... Off white with warm gray paint without any green/purple/blue undertones family room decor on this post as we are more! Tested Miners Dust go with it a magazine, website or book, brochure, etc blue for,. Painter can find time for me it translates too much into the green grays is Swiss Coffee, it a! Looks paired with looking glass and Bank Vault were my 2 top picks see example. Not sure how dark your floors are white & doors & windows are walnut wood finish eggshell to., love the painting of the time people will choose a base … so do... And examined both throughout the entire day m both excited and nervous the North-facing room she help. Levels like semi-gloss or high gloss evokes a more true gray paint be honest, choosing a gray months! Love the way the pale light gray that does n't look blue/brown blue-white. To hers, but it 's dry light gray paint that doesn't look blue Palette for your home think it would lovely! It totally looks grey painted on and does n't look blue/brown blog: https: //blog.1000bulbs.com/home/how-to-choose-lighting-for-paint-colors color Palette way! So drab-wall colors, lots of black light gray paint that doesn't look blue room may not look on... It looks really pretty on every wall in our office and also wickham gray has very green/blue tones i.

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