Confederation of Arunodhaya Children Sangam (CACS)


This project is to help children to form his/her own views and acquire the right to express his/her views freely in all matters affecting the child. Also, it enables children to exercise their basic rights such as right to live, to growth, to security, to participation.
And thus, the children are able to:

  • Understand their rights and the importance of their contribution to the society
  • Grow out of oppression and to express their views
  • Participate directly in the problems of the society and to address issues related to their rights.

This project also helps the children to be active, to bring out their hidden talents, and it lowers drop outs from school. The children from the Child Labourers Centre and Guided Learning Centre later become members of Children Sangam.

The growth and functioning of Children Sangam:

The child labourers who were mainstreamed to formal education were assisted in their studies through the Tuition Centres. At these centres, the children also had sessions on personality development, recreation opportunities were provided and there were discussion on the rights of the child. As a follow up of this initiative one day camp was organised in ten areas in the year 2000 which led to this. In the beginning, in 2001, only 10 groups were formed but since the tsunami, 51 formation of Children clubs which nomenclature was changed to Arunodhaya Children Sangam. Initially it started with ten Sangams and slowly spread to other areas.

Target of the project:

Children between 10 and 18 years old who live in the same area. Each group holds a maximum of 50 children


Improvement in the living conditions of the children at home, at school, in the surrounding
It helps the children to mature, to develop their personality and their personal talents
They are aware of their rights
They are more active and are distinguished at school and in their surrounding
Parents are more aware of child rights and also follow them
Children learn to take care of themselves and to communicate with the political leaders
Children learn to take responsibilities, to be a leader, and to manage a group
Today zone counsellors are directed towards Children Sangam
The number of children increases every year through out the state and now also in north India

Last modified: August 26, 2020

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