About Us

Arunodhaya is a non government, non-profit voluntary organization registered as a public charitable trust in the year 1992.


A just society in which every child enjoys childhood assured of his / her rights with dignity and happiness.


Build a social movement that will uproot all forms of exploitation and oppression of children and promote and protect the basic human rights of children enabling them to enjoy a dignified childhood.

Effect policy changes and ensure social justice through research, documentation, campaign, networking, advocacy and lobbying.


Arunodhaya believes that all children are born with an inherent right to justice, peace and freedom and deserve access to all fundamental human rights including education, health care, love, respect, security and protection.

Today’s children are future citizens. A nation’s development depends on the development of its children.

Hence protection and promotion of the rights of children should become an inherent component of all development activities.


  • To create a protective environment for every child from all forms of violence, exploitation and neglect.
  • To create an environment at all levels for every child to express themselves, take decisions and participate in governance on all matters concerning them.
    To create opportunities for all children to fully develop physically, mentally, gain knowledge and develop their personality.
  • To ensure the rights of all children by strengthening all community based organizations and institutions meant for the protection of children from all forms of violations.
  • To bring about changes in policies, laws and programs concerning children at local, national and international levels based on our grassroot level experiences.

Child Development

Education programmes – Early childhood care centres, Child labour centres, Guided Learning Centres, Study circle, Reading Skill Enhancement

Child Protection

  • Elimination of child labour
  • Adolescent Awareness Counseling and Empowerment
  • Campaign against early child marriage and child abuse

Child Participation

  • Confederation of Arunodhaya Children Sangam
  • Children Nagara Sabai

Community Empowerment

  • Organising women – Self help groups, Domestic workers movement, Unorganised women
  • Workers union
  • Youth Forum
  • Vocational training and income generation
  • Organising Coastal communities
  • Community Child Rights Monitoring Committee

Policy advocacy

  • Publications
  • Campaigns
  • Networking

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