Adolescent Awareness, Counseling and Empowerment Project (AACEP)

Main Objective:
Create a safe environment for adolescents, enabling them to blossom and protect and support them.

Specific objectives:
Generating awareness on adolescent issues
Personal development of adolescents
Supporting adolescents facing problems


The work with Children Sangam threw up the challenge of addressing adolescent issues which emerged at the meetings and interaction with children. Adolescents are crossing a sensitive period in which they are not children anymore but not yet adults. This stage, because of its fragile nature, calls for specialised strategic interventions. A lack of information on their own development and a nearly non-existent dialog with adults put adolescents in a tricky situation. They often feel alone to face their difficulties. They don’t know much about themselves, their own body and their own development.  This makes the adolescents vulnerable to family violence, sexual abuse and suicide attempts. There is a need to organise adolescents as a special group and enable a smooth transition form childhood to adulthood.
In response to the above situation, Arunodhaya launched the new project “Adolescent Awareness, Counselling and Empowerment project” (AACEP).

The project started in 2007.

Target groups:
Adolescents between 12 and 21 years old


Adolescent Empowerment
Awareness generated in the communities on issues related to Adolescents and a change of attitude to understand and respect the rights of adolescents
Adolescent issue highlighted at civil society level and move towards policy level support for the cause of adolescents

Last modified: August 20, 2020

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