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Self Help Group


Self Help Groups have been initiated to promote savings and guide the women towards economic empowerment, to motivate the women for skill development and to create the employment opportunity for women. Also to develop them as a strong force in the community to promote child rights. Ward level Self Help Group meetings are conducted by inviting resource persons from various field to discuss, explain and provide consultation on area level problems – hygiene, women rights, group entrepreneurship, women’s education, dowry violence and family counselling provided.

Zonal level meetings are conducted once in a month. Each coordination meeting is facilitated by a resource person who provided insights and awareness on different topics: women education, child labour and child rights…

Today more than 700 groups have been created and they have a quarterly magazine that speaks about the success stories of the members.

Target of the project:

This project concern all women (Self Help Group Women) or men (Self Help Group Men) between 18 and 60 years old who live in the same street or nearby.


SHG arised in 1989. It was implemented only 5 districts but now SHG functioning in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. SHG started with the aim of creating sustainable development through social, economical status of the women living in below poverty line.


Sustainable development among women
Skill development has improved
There is a rise in the economical conditions of the families: they are able to have a bank account which also enables them to obtain loans at a very low interest. In the other case they are to take loans from private parties with a very high interest. With the loan amount they can do some small businesses.
They are trained for the first time for a better management of their home
Their participation helps them to earn some income and hence they don’t send any more the children to work and they also advise their neighbours not to send the children to work
The children are able to continue their studies till graduation (before they stopped their education at an early age)
There are more and more of girls who go to school
They are also capable of involving in their community problems and hence the community members are able to help each other
They involve in social activities
They are self confident and fearless of their husband
They are able to come out of social barriers
Now that they do small businesses they are eligible for some aid from the government

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